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Product Details

Spruce Mulch

Spruce Mulch makes an excellent ground cover and acts as a barrier against weed growth.

The natural look of the Spruce Mulch is an excellent choice for those wishing to save money on a non-dyed strip mulch while still adding visual interest to their yard. 

We recommend mulch be installed at a thickness of 4-6" without the use of landscape fabric. The reason we recommend not to use fabric is that as mulch decomposes over time it will eventually compost on top of the landscape fabric, leading to the growth of weeds over the fabric. To prevent this, we recommend forgoing the use of landscape fabric and instead using a very thick ground covering of mulch alone, as it will be thick enough at a 4-6" depth to block sunlight and prevent the growth of weeds. Over time the mulch will continue to decompose, but instead of leading to the growth of weeds on top of fabric, the mulch will decompose into the existing soil, which further enriches it. Instead of having to rip up your landscape fabric and replace all of your mulch in a few seasons after the mulch decomposes and grows weeds, the only maintenance required would be to top off the mulch every few summers to ensure the thickness remains at a 4-6" depth and the colour of your mulch remains vibrant. Of course, the choice of using fabric or not is up to the customer, this is just what we recommend.

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