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Thunderstone Boulders

These Rundle Rock boulders are a highly popular choice for landscaping in the Saskatoon area. The natural dark charcoal colour lends a look of sophistication and simplicity.

Based in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, just minutes from the world famous Banff National Park lies Thunderstone Quarries. For over 45 years Thunderstone Quarries has been the premier supplier of the scarce and highly sought after Rundle Rock. Used extensively in creating the internationally recognized Banff Springs Hotel, Rundle Rock has become a prominent feature in many architectural and landscaping projects including those by individual households.

Rundle Rock is a high quality sedimentary limestone that originated as fine grained, marine siltstone deposited on seabeds 245 million years ago. Ripple marks and fossil traces are common on many Rundle Rock surfaces.

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