Available in a variety of colours & options!

Our ledgestone is all sourced from our own beautiful country CANADA! We have the largest selction of natural ledgestone in Saskatoon!

The larger 2-3" Black & Brown Flagstone creates a more stable foundation. This product can be used in many creative manners: use it as a paver or stepping stone, build it up into a wall or water feature, or use it as a decorative centerpiece to your yard. The possibilities are endless! The 4-5" Brown & Black Ledgestone is sourced from the same location. The large size of this stone makes a very sturdy base for any sort of wall or feature. The 4-5" Brown & Black Flagstone can be used to build waterfalls for a fountain or water feature, firepits, Inukshuks, gardenbeds, and more! 




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