Rubber Crumb

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Remaining Bagged Rubber on End of Season Sale; While Quantities Last!

Rubber Crumb is used as an alternative to silica sand in artificial turf installations. Typically, silica sand is swept in on top of the grass and worked into the weave to help keep the grass standing up straight and add some cushion to the grass. We prefer to recommend Rubber Crumb because about ¼ of the product is required in comparison to silica sand. Additionally, if you have any pets, Silica sand will hold the smell of pet urine and when it rains, the grass will begin to smell. Rubber Crumb allows pet urine to flow through and dissipate into the ground. We recommend approximately 0.5lbs of Rubber Crumb per square foot of artificial turf.


Rubber Crumb is available in 20lb bags or in 2000lb totes.


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