Crushed Rock

Available in 1", 1.5" and 2-3"

1" Crushed Rock starts @ $80 / cubic yard.

1.5" Crushed Rock starts @ $85 / cubic yard.

2-3" Crushed Rock starts @ $85 / cubic yard. 


Crushed Rock: Rock that has been crushed and sized with a screener to create a material that packs and locks together to help eliminate material from moving or spreading around and to help create a solid compacted base that will drain water. Crushed rock is not washed and, due to the screening process, can sometimes be dustier.

Sizing: 1” crushed rock consists of rock pieces that are 1 inch and smaller; the largest pieces you will find will be 1 inch, but there will be smaller pieces that look like fines and smaller pieces of crush as well. 1.5” crushed rock is similarly sized, where the largest pieces will be 1.5 inches and will range down to 1 inch. Depending on how the material falls through the screener, it is possible that there will be larger pieces or smaller pieces than you would expect to find in your finished product. The sizes are an approximate average to what you should see when you look at your product.

Suggested Applications: Driveways, concrete base, paving stone bases, behind retaining wall to secure geotextile, sitting areas, around fire pits, and some decorative applications. *Note: Decorative applications are limited due to the fines in the material.


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