Economy Screened Topsoil

Black natural loam soil screened by the Saskatoon Landscape Store.

Starts at $38 / cubic yard picked up in store.

*Current Promotion: 14 yard tandem loads are $378 delivered ($27/yard including delivery)!

(Within Saskatoon, Warman & Martensville). Out of town locations - please call or email for quote. 

By running the topsoil through a screener unwanted debris, lumps, and rocks are eliminated, making our screened topsoil perfect for laying underneath sod and for growing your new lawn from seed.

About Our Screened Soil: Our soil was once a farmer’s field that has been pulled up into a pile that we screen with our very own dirt screener! Our screener removes the large lumps, rocks, and debris from the soil. If you look closely, you will see straw in our soil as well as small sticks. This material is there purposefully. The straw and small sticks are what keep the soil fluffy and light so that it does not compact down into a hard and undesirable material to plant and grow in. Additionally, over time these organic materials will break down and enrich your soil further.


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