Belgard Mega Libre

Available in Charcoal, Victorian, Toscana, and Rustic.

Belgard’s Mega Libre stone offers the look of a natural flagstone walkway without the hassle and puzzle piece work of natural flagstone. This easy-to-install stone has 2 different irregular shapes on the pallet that fit together flawlessly. What makes the stone look like natural flagstone is the false joint on each piece. When filled with sand, the false joints make the pavers look like they are many smaller pieces instead of just one larger piece. This stone is recommended for walkways, patios, and pool decks. We do NOT recommend using Mega Libre for a driveway as it is not thick enough to support the weight of vehicles.

Due to the false joint in Mega Libre pavers, we recommend using polymeric sand in the joints. The false joints are shallow and if you put regular sand in these joints, the sand will wash away, and you will be replacing the sand frequently. Polymeric sand hardens within the cracks to prevent wash-out and weed growth.


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