Pallet Deliveries

1-5 Pallet Delivery Options

We offer a wide range of delivery services. If you are looking to get single pallet of brick, flagstone, boulders (we can fit 4-5 on one skid), or a tote of product offloaded with our skidsteer it would be $135 in Saskatoon, Warman & Martensville. 

If you need 2-5 pallets of product delivery it becomes a flat rate of $270 in Saskatoon, Warman & Martensville. 

We bring our skidsteer with us, which we can use to place as close to your project as possible. For boulders, we will even place the boulders if we can gain access to the location. Our skidsteer needs a minimum 8' access. 

If you live outside Saskatoon, Warman or Martensville, or need a larger quantity delivered call us for a quote today!


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