Bagged Soils

Including Peatmoss, Promix, Potting Soil, Soil Conditioners and Farm Compost

Peatmoss is made from Canadian Sphagnum. It has a high capacity to hold water, air, nutrients, as well as it is light weight. Sunshine peat moss is the perfect product to add to your soil if you find that it is heavy and not holding enough moisture. Peat moss is a biodegradable substance and so as it decomposes, it will only add more nutrients to your soil, making a healthier and happier garden! Available in 2.2 and 3.8 cubic foot bags.

Promix is an all-purpose soil mixture that promotes large root systems, vigorous growth and heartier plants. It is a mixture of Canadian sphagnum peat moss, peat humus, perlite, limestone, and a controlled release fertilizer that provides nutrients for up to 9 months. Each bag is 4 cubic feet.

Potting Soil is easy to handle, 50L bags of potting soil ideal for topping up your flower or planter box beds, as well as for filling flower pots! 

Soil Conditioners Vermiculite and Perlite both ingredients you can easily find in most bagged potting soil as well as in most homemade potting soil recipies. Both substances are used to aerate soil, although perlite is more commonly used for this purpose as it is more porus and allows water to drain much more readily. Perlite is a great additive to use with plants that do not require a very moist soil. Vermiculite is also a great product for aerating soils due to it's accordion like shape, but is also more prone to holding moisture into the soil. It is ideal for plants that require wet roots all the time! 

Farm Compost is comprised of decomposed organic material. Consiting on blend of animal manure, straw, sawdust, leaves and other organic material. 

All bags are available for pickup at our location. 


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