Round Rock

Available sizes include 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 1", 1.5"-2" and 2"-8". Largest Variety in Saskatoon.

7mm Rock Chips starts @ $70 / cubic yard.

3/8" Round starts @ $75 / cubic yard.

1/2" Round starts @ $80 / cubic yard.

1" Round starts @ $80 / cubic yard.

1.5" - 2" Round starts @ $85 / cubic yard.

Round Rock: Rock that has NOT been crushed. It is quarried and screened for size, remaining in a naturally rounded state. Round rock does not pack down well and is therefore not ideal for walking surfaces.

Sizing: Round Rock is, on average, accurate to its advertised size. If you purchase 1” Round Rock, you will see product that is fairly uniform in size. Due to the screening process, there is always some variation in size. For example, if a rock is 1 inch long, but only 0.5 inch wide, it will still fall through the screener.

Suggested Applications: drainage, boulevards, inexpensive decorative rock for flower beds, dog runs. 


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