Fresh Cut Sod

Fresh Sod available on Tuesdays & Fridays!

Sod rolls are 2'x5' (10 sq ft) per roll. Our sod comes from Shellview Turf Farms, which we are proud to support another locally grown business. Starts at $0.50/sq ft ($5/roll), call us today for more information!

The first cut of 2022 is Tuesday, June 7th! Call or stop in to reserve your order today. We sell by the roll with NO minimum! 

Delivery options are available - call the store to inquire! 

Tips for Sod installation: 

- Make sure you have approximately 4"-6" of good topsoil underneath your new sod. Ensure that it is level and lightly packed. 

- Once you have your sod rolled out, it is essential that it is rolled over with a sod roller*. This process is important to ensure that the roots of your new sod are in direct contact with the soil underneath. If there are any gaps between the soil and the sod, your grass may not grow. 

- Once installation is complete, MAKE SURE YOU WATER THE GRASS!!! We cannot stress this enough: fresh sod NEEDS to be watered in order for it to grow. We recommend watering in the morning and in the evenings when it isn't too hot so you lose less water to evaporation. 

- Do not over water your sod. You want to make sure that the water is not pooling on top of your new sod. You also do not want your sod to be floating on water!

Tips for Fertilizing:

-In the spring or mid-summer, we recommend using a balanced mixed fertilizer (i.e. Groundkeepers All Season). 

-In the fall, you should use a fertilizer with lower nitrogen content. (i.e. Groundkeepers Phosphate-Free). 


* We rent Sod rollers for $20 / 24 hours. Also available for purchase.


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