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Soil Additives to make for a happy garden!

Vermiculite and Perlite both ingredients you can easily find in most bagged potting soil as well as in most homemade potting soil recipies. Both substances are used to aerate soil, although perlite is more commonly used for this purpose as it is more porus and allows water to drain much more readily. Perlite is a great additive to use with plants that do not require a very moist soil. Vermiculite is also a great product for aerating soils due to it's accordion like shape, but is also more prone to holding moisture into the soil. It is ideal for plants that require wet roots all the time! 

Before using either product, you should research what kind of environment your plants require and that will help determine if you should use Vermiculite or Perlite to lighten your soil up! 


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