Belgard Stackstone Garden Wall

A small garden wall perfect for achieving a curved look. Available in Charcoal and Rustic

Stackstone is a garden wall with a tongue and groove locking system. They are also tapered and faced on two sides. The front of the block is 8” wide while the back is 6”. They are 8” deep and 4” tall. To achieve a straight line with stackstone you simply flip the blocks back and forth (front side, back side, front side, back side, etc). To create an outward curve, continue to place the blocks tight together, but face the front side out until you have achieved your desired curve. Similarly, to achieve an inward curve, keep the blocks tight together but face the back side of the block outwards. There is a 90 degree corner unit as well to make square and rectangle shapes easier to create. To finish off the wall, use the caps. Caps are the same size and shape as the standard blocks, but instead of having a groove on the bottom and a tongue on the top to accept another course of stone, they have only a groove on the bottom to lock into the course below it and a smooth top to finish the wall off. 

All walls, whether they are garden walls or retaining walls, should be staggered. If each layer is not staggered, there is no structural stability to the wall and it could easily be tipped over (especially if it is a garden wall block as they are much lighter than retaining wall).


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