Bulk Product Delivery

For aggregate, soil, and mulch.

Saskatoon Landscape Store is happy to deliver your bulk product to you! Please call the store for applicable delivery fees. We can deliver anywhere from 0.5 cubic yard up to 12 yards of aggregate (rock), 14 yards of soil, and 18 yards of mulch in one truck load for flat rate of $95 in Saskatoon, Warman & Martensville.

We do offer a split load truck wherein you can receive two products in one load. Please note that there is an additional fee of $50 for the second product totaling $145 in town delivery. 

We also delivery out of town, call us for rates outside our in-town delivery. 

A few notes about deliveries:

· We prefer not to drive on concrete driveways as the weight of the truck can crack concrete, especially newer driveways! If you wish for us to drive on your concrete driveway, you will be asked to sign a waiver stating that Saskatoon Landscape Store is not liable for damages to your driveway.  

· If we are dropping a delivery in a back alley, please ensure there are no overhead wires that could impede the drivers’ ability to deliver the load.

· If you would like us to dump in your back yard and you have a gate that we need to get through, we need a MINIMUM of 12’ clearance for the truck to get through. If the driver is unable to dump in the back yard, we will dump in the alley, or if that is not possible, on the street in front of the house.

· If you need to move the date of your delivery to a different date, we are happy to accommodate! Please note that if you call after the truck has left the yard, the truck will NOT be turned around and you will receive your product as planned.


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